The Physio EPVM2 Vertebral Mobiliser

The Theraflex Physio EPVM2 is the latest Theraflex machine and follows on from the successful EPVM1.

In common with the EPVM1 the “Physio” provides a fully self contained vertebral mobiliser system that runs from a standard mains electricity plug, however the Physio can also be operated in combination with a clinic installed compressed air supply.

The new version of the Theraflex has many improved features, the most obvious of these is that to give flexibility the unit can be broken into three assemblies, these are; the control housing and handset, the power pack and the support frame.

This makes the unit much easier to transport whilst also allowing it to be used without the power pack and frame if an installed air system is available, a optional table top stand can be supplied when it is used without the power pack.

EPVM2 With power pack and frame 2018-1-01-28.exb.pdf

The new control panel incorporates all the setting controls for pressure and speed in place of the handset control knobs on the earlier model, this makes adjustment easier to see and prevents inadvertent adjustment during treatment, the handset on/off button has been retained on the handset.

The pressure and speed settings are displayed as the settings are adjusted before or while the handset is running giving the therapist the opportunity to feel and see the handset output before using it.

EPVM2 general 2018-1-02-4.pdf

The handset is designed to be held in the palm of the hand and is fitted with a moulded rubber cover that makes it easier to hold and reduces fatigue in the therapist while still giving good treatment feedback, the handset is started and stopped using the button on the front of the handset

The handset has four reciprocating feet that work in diagonal pairs, the feet are not mechanically linked and their movement is fully independent such that they will stop moving if they encounter a resistance greater than the pressure selected.

The new handset cannot pinch the patient or therapist when the feet retract into the handset because the return stroke is no longer air powered, retraction is achieved by gentle spring pressure.

EPVM2 Assembled on powerpack

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EPVM2 With powerpack and frame separated for transport

EPVM2 Control panel

EPVM2 Fitted to table top stand

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Rear view of EPVM2 assembled on powerpack


The EPVM2 is mains powered via a 15 volt power supply, it is rated for continuous use and does not require any pre of post use conditioning, the new version is more efficient than the EPVM1 because the handset utilises spring return which means compressed is only used on the power stroke and therefore a smaller compressor is required.

When used with the Theraflex powerpack the spill-back compressor system does not use an air reservoir so no annual reservoir inspection is required, but if the unit is used with an installed compressed air system an annual inspection may be required.  

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