Physio powerpack

The Theraflex Physio Power Pack has been designed to match the air requirements of the EPVM2.

At its heart the Power Pack uses a Durr Technik twin cylinder direct drive oil free compressor, this German compressor is designed for extremely long service life and reliability.

The unit is rated for continuous operation and uses a simple spill-back system to dump excess air, at 59 Db@ the compressor is already quiet but fitted inside it’s sound proofed enclosure it makes it suitable for use in a treatment environment.

Because the compressor is matched to the EPVM2 air flow rate there is no air reservoir in the unit and as it is oil free no servicing is required, however if the unit is used in a dusty environment the inlet filter unit may require changing from time to time, (the inlet filter can be seen in green in the lower photograph and just screws into the back of the machine).

A cooling fan is built into the enclosure and the compressor motor is fitted with thermal protection which protects it if the cooling vents are inadvertently covered.

Output pressure   = 7 bar

Unit displacement = 78 lt @0 bar

Unit wattage       = 450 w

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